Whenever there’s a new ritual in the wellness lineup, it’s always with intention and huge health perks. Originally jumped

on this train for the extra iron during pregnancy, but learnt more about it along the way.

Nettle Tea, is enjoyed both hot or cold & packed with benefits for mind, body and beauty.


Nourishes skin and hair

Nettle’s anti-inflammatory properties offer soothing comfort for skin issues like eczema, breakouts, and dry scalp. It’s also loaded with vitamins A, C, K, and several B vitamins to help boost your everyday glow and growth, not to mention calcium, iron, phosphorus and carotene.


Immunity Boosting

Due to its antioxidants and anti microbial properties it fights off bacteria and viruses.


Improves Gut Health

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature of nettle tea makes it ideal for those with digestive issues like IBS or constipation, or anything caused by bacterial imbalances in the gut.

So, pop the kettle on and enjoy!

Extra little tip I got told, boil, brew and let

it soak overnight to amplify the strength.

Especially for optimum nutrient absorption!


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