from a skin professional.


Teens of today face an overwhelming amount of advice and content regarding products; plenty of it from unqualified sources on TikTok etc

Puberty itself changes the skin so much, hormonally challenged adolescent skin requires delicate care to avoid an ambush of on going issues.


Here are our top dos and don’ts when dealing with teenage skin!

DO: Keep your routine simple, less is best.

Having an array of different ingredients topically applied on a daily basis can cause more harm, specially if these products contain alcohol, perfume, preservatives, emulsifiers.


DON’T: Think the more you scrub the clearer the skin will be.

It’s an easy trap to fall in, however over exfoliating can cause a disrupted barrier which will result in more dermal damage, inflammation and water loss in the skin. (That fluid being stripped out helps flush those breakouts away, we need healthy fluid in the skin)


DO: Clean your skin daily.

Adolescent skin generally produce more oil in these years, their cell turn over rate is also very quick.

Which means excess oil, dirt, grime, cosmetics, pollution and all that dead skin can stick to the top layer.

Using a correctly prescribed cleanser clean your skin daily.

Purifying all those foreign substances will prevent the likeliness of nasty breakouts and prevent bacteria growth.


DON’T: Use any skincare that leaves you feeling squeaky clean and tight.

That’s a red flag you have the incorrect cleansing product.


DO: Avoid oil based products. Depending on skin types and conditions Ofcorse. But for problematic skin we want to steer clear of comedogenic products (products that will clog your pores resulting in black heads)


DON’T: Sleep in make up.

Cosmetics absorb into the skin, into the pores and will create the perfect recipe for problematic breakout prone skin.

A lot of cosmetics have non skin loving ingredients. By all means they do the job cosmetically and aesthetically but generally your skin doesn’t love what’s in the formula of those products, particularly full coverage make up.


DO: Wash pillowcases regularly.

The bacteria growth can be wild!


DON’T: chop and change products constantly.

Biggest mistake I see is clients panicking and changing.

Less is more, and if your skin isn’t happy changing products constantly is just going to cause more harm and confusion to the skin, the cells and result in more flare ups outwardly.

Get simple healthy skin care and ensure

It’s prescribed correctly by a professional.


DO: Drink lots of water.

Skin hydration is key, it will also promote your body to eliminate and detox out toxins.


DON’T: Pick the skin.

I know it’s not that easy but picking is only going to prolong the breakout and encourage discolouration and scarring.


DO: Have a balanced diet.

Healthy skin starts within, gut health is the first thing to translate onto your skin.

Doing all the right steps with the skin care but then having highly processed foods etc won’t achieve the goal.

Internal care is just as important as external care, they need to co exist together.


DON’T: Shame yourself.

We all endure breakouts, I see clients every single day with the same battle.

It is a part of life that we all endure.

You’re still beautiful and skin wobbles are completely fine we will get through them. A lot of people on social media is filtered and air brushed.

We are all the same and you are beautiful as you are. A pimple is only temporary, keep shining!!


- JK 


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