Skincare and hydration tips

Skincare and hydration tips

Always know the difference between your water levels and your oil levels within your skin and understand you can be both dehydrated and oily while also hydrated but lipid dry.

The key to healthy skin is understanding what your skin is!

Biggest tip I can give- your skin can never be too hydrated. Think of your skin like a grape; if you dehydrate a grape it becomes a sultana.

Dehydration= premature aging while also the lack of the crucial fluid your skin needs can make other issues more apparent and more stagnant to clear up. Get the hydration up - even if you have oily skin!!

Your skin can be both oily and dehydrated at the same time. When your skin is dehydrated your sebum production will kick in and go in overdrive. Your skin will then result in producing excess oils while still lacking the much needed hydration your skin requires. This creates the perfect recipe for: CLOGGED PORES, THICKNESS, MILIA & BREAKOUTS.

Things that dehydrate your skin: Excessive heating/cooling, outdoor elements (wind exposure), alcohol, caffeine and overall lack of water consumption.

HOW MUCH WATER SHOULD I BE DRINKING? TIP: Try and consume 1L of water per 20kg of body weight a day.

OTHER WAYS TO HYDRATE YOUR SKIN: Review topical skincare products that have low oils but higher in water retaining ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

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