Post-Pill acne?  read on ...

Post-Pill acne? read on ...

Did you decide to help your skin by going on the pill? Do you feel hesitant to come off it but want to properly treat your skin health? ....Let’s talk about it!
Post-Pill Acne is annoying as hell but very much a real concern and very common.
The main reason you get this sudden flare up is due to a sudden surge of sebum production rushed to the skin, since many contraception pills have a sebum-suppressing agent in them called drospirenone.
This will then have you back at square one as your original hormonal issues have still not been resolved.
Our Best Tips For Hormonal Skins:
- Try my very own formula, the Hormonal Clear Concentrate and the reviews and results that follow
- See a naturopath to help the transition internally.
- Jump on Zinc Supplements, to help treat the health of your lipids and reduce the angry deep blind breakouts.
-Minimal Dairy.
-Our natural Vitamin A drastically leaves our skin right before our cycle which can result in a flare up. Include Vitamin A & B in your skin health plan. *Carrots also are filled with natural vitamin A* so your skin doesn’t feel unbalanced when the Vitamin A decreases.
-Ensure you are using the correct skincare as hormonal breakouts require to be treated completely different compares to acne and true oily skin congestion. Over cleaning & stripping the skin is just going to do further damage.
-Help detox the skin * celery and charcoal juices are great detoxing agents*
- Most importantly if you suffer from hormonal breakouts, watch this space because our first product was made for you! 🤍
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