I see self care not just as a grooming/maintenance aspect. I view self care by honouring my mind body and soul too.

Ensuring I make time to do things that reconnect me with me.

Although skin care is great for skin, in saying that preventing major triggers like stress, fatigue is crucial.

I love taking time to read, whether it be while having a cuppa in the morning, an audio book while driving to and from work. Taking an hour on Sunday afternoon just to stop and pause with a book in hand.

I don’t just want to flog my products down your throat, I want my page to be a place of woman empowerment, encouraging you to live your best and most balanced life.

A complete curated experience for the modern women of today.

These are my most favourite reads, I couldn’t put them down and just need to recommend them to you!

So put the kettle on and immerse yourself!




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